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User Friendly Interface

What’s convenience without friendliness? Nothing… Here at Nestdrop, we strive and take all measures to keep our interface simple, straightforward and easy to use.

Loyalty Points

As if Nestdrop wasn’t giving away enough great stuff... For all your orders you can expect reward points to later redeem towards discounts, Nestdrop promo items and more!

GPS Locator

If you haven’t noticed yet, we’re all about convenience. Our GPS Locator helps us pinpoint where you are when placing an order to help ensure accuracy and make your life easier… We promise we won’t use this to spy on you. Maybe.

Fast and Affordable

Why waste precious time, gas and safety when you can just order from the comfort of your home? Our prices will always be competitive and our timing will always be perfect.

Encrypted Security

Whats the point of being fast and quick if not safe? We use an encrypted digital vault to store all your sensitive information and documents. You can sleep well tonight knowing Nestdrop is guarding the vault.

For the People

We want our Nester's to be happy and have a voice! We love hearing from you.


Have your favorite alcohol delivered to you doorstep like a champ! Nestdrop has you covered!

1. Set your delivery location

2. Choose from our expansive list of Liquor, Beer & Wine.

3. Kick it. Learn to juggle or knit.

Once the order is securely placed, one of our friendly drivers will be there within the hour with your order!

Medicinal Marijuana

Get the medicine you need delivered to your doorstep like a champ! Nestdrop has you Covered!

Get the medicine you need

1. Securely and privately join a collective via the app

2. Find the medicinal product you need

3. Kick it. Play Mahjong or minesweeper

All information will be encrypted and saved in a digital vault by the collective for future use. We comply with all necessary laws and ask you do the same.


High quality Medicinal Marijuana delivered to my door, this is too good to be true.

Asa D.

I am blown away by the professionalism of Nestdrop, they are very responsive, and willing to go the extra mile to make us happy.

Kurt H.
Happy Customer

Very satisfied customer! Just placed my first order in Hollywood, order got here in less than an hour and delivery guy even threw in some fun promo items.

Andrew M.
Happy Customer


Are you tired of being oppressed by "The Man"? By the "Wo-Man"? By your dog? We won't stand for it and neither should you. We can't help you lead the revolution, but we believe in you. And we want you to believe in us. The same way you believe in swamp thing or miracles. At this pivotal point in history we stand as pioneers ready to define tomorrow. Like when buzz lightyear walked on the moon, or Captain America defeated the Axis forces, we are the first to deliver medical marijuana or alcohol to your door all through your mobile device. Need we say more? Probably. Fine we will.

We don't want our fellow citizens suffering from the woes and sorrows of whatever condition ails you. Finding relief via bad reality television is no longer your only option! It is our duty and mission to offer you a better alternative. We bring you high quality, top grade medical marijuana with the privacy you deserve. When the world offers you stress, we offer you unstress. Alcohol...we got that covered too. Stay put. We are here for you. Nestdrop knows it can be a challenge and we make it easy, fun, fast, and affordable to get what you need at your door. Don;t worry, we don't discriminate. You can be for or against the Twilight series. We got you either way! We are Nestdrop.

Sit back, relax, enjoy the drop.

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Co-Founder: Michael Pycher grew up in South Florida and graduated from Florida State University’s School of Motion Picture. He began a career as a commercial director, and would eventually start his own boutique production company, Fifth Manor, which focused primarily on lifestyle commercials and advertisements. His company oversaw high budget jobs, both domestically and internationally. He has years of experience managing teams in order to deliver a top shelf product.

Michael Pycher
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Nestdrop operates in full compliance with all applicable state and local laws. Nestdrop is not a dispensary and does not sell cannabis. Nestdrop is a service that connects qualified patients with local dispensaries. Nestdrop makes no guarantees about the quality or quantity of cannabis provided.

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